(Picture above) Source:http://www.nairaland.com/omenani

Aspect of tribal culture presented in "Things Fall Apart":

(Igbo shrine) Source :Herbert M. Cole./(Kola nut) Source: Alamy and Emilio Ereza

"Near the barn was a small house, the "medicine house" or shrine where Okonkwo kept wooden symbols of his personal god and his ancestral spirits. He worshipped them with sacrifices of Kola nut, food and palm-wine, and offered prayers to them on behalf of himself, his three wives and eight children." (Things Fall Apart) Page 14.

The importance of this in the Ibo Community

The importance of the Ibo religion to the the Ibo community is very important to them because one belief states that their ancestors protect their living descendants and also held accountable for the rain, harvest, health ass well as children. In this religion they keep wooden figures which represent their ancestors and they do so for this very reason. ("Igboguide.org.")

(Igbo God) Source: Omenka Egwuatu Nwa-Ikenga (Igbo shrine structure)Source: Zbigniew Dmochowski


Before the British the Igbo were happily doing their own thing, we can't judge their activities and their practice. Source: John

Before most if not all believe on chukwu who was the creator god and in other gods and goddess, as well as beliefs that ancestors protect their living members. They also believed in spirits who's good towards you depend on how well you treat them. ("Igbo.")They had an Oracle (represented goddess Agbala) who was a women in their village in which clans and villages wouldn't go to war without her approval and if disobeyed their were major consequences. (Things Fall Apart) Page 12


The Ibo were not treated fairly as you can notice in this (picturehttp://iboweddings.weebly.com/uploads/4/3/5/8/43583651/6793072.jpg)

When the British arrived to Nigeria they affected the Ibo community in every aspect of their culture, but their religion was one that was most transformed. Their religion was less practice because the British brought Christianity and enforce this religion upon the Ibo and other people from Nigeria. And today a big part of the Ibo people of Christian. And some practice a synthetic version of Christianity mixed with Ibo indigenous beliefs. Overall their were just changes in the amounts who practices their traditional religion and changes in the Ibo religion itself. "Igbo."


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