Ellis Island Jacob Hopwood

Immigrants entering Ellis Island

When Ellis Island was founded and excepted immigrants the Irish had to go to Ellis Island because of the Potato Famine. That is just one example. Most of the time if a immigrant was to come to Ellis Island it was because almost all the food in there homeland was gone,there were no jobs,and the were treated badly for there religion.

A type of test the immigrants had to pass was a physical exam. Once they got of the steamships they would have to walk into a redbrick building and walk up a large stair case were a doctor with blue chalk would wait for them. He would check all parts of their body. If you had something wrong with you he would put the initial of the body part on your back with blue chalk

Con: Might be detained for being sick. Pro:They would be safe from what ever problem they were having in their home country.Con: They would have to stay on a boat for weeks to months.Pro: Babies would become instant citizens.Con:If they were a women they would not be able to go to Ellis Island without a male or leave Ellis Island without a male.Pro:If they pass testing they might get a job.

Daily life was different for immigrants stuck on Ellis Island because they may have been detained ,but they won't starve while being detained. They may have be detained ,but most of their problems were solved. They wouldn't die now because they were being feed ,they had a place to stay,and they would not be bullied for their different religions.

Annie Moore had a special fifteenth birthday party. She had been the first ever immigrant to land on Ellis Island. She had been handed a ten-dollar gold piece of honor.She had left Country Cork Ireland. She had traveled on the steamship Nevada.

A interesting fact is they would use buttonhooks to turn eyelids inside out.

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