Photography Portfolio By: Jessica DeGeorge

I decided to take this photography class because I love pictures and how they capture memories, create inspiration, and tell stories. I wanted to learn how to take more creative pictures and learn how to use Photoshop for editing my pictures to make them even better.

Composition Image

I learned how to add photos together to make one photo with a meaning behind it. The layer masks in Photoshop allowed me to erase certain parts of images to let a different photo show through. In my composition image above, the meaning of it was to surround yourself with things you love.

Image showing Lighting

I learned how the lighting you take the picture in really does make a difference. The right lighting can make a picture great. Lighting gives texture to your image and emphasizes it. In this image, I had the light shining on my product from the right side of the image to make it stand out.

Image Before Optimizing vs After

The image on the left has not been optimized and could definitely be made better with optimizing. The photo on the right has been optimized. In Photoshop, I changed the hue saturation levels to make the image lighter than it was on the left. I also used the spot healing brush to get rid of any blemishes in the photo like on the nail polish bottle and the background. For my last optimizing step, I added a vignetting border along the outside to lighten up the outsides and frame the picture.

Traditional HDR

The project that taught me the most was the HDR project because I didn't know how to change the exposure of a picture on my camera to either stops under or over. I also didn't know I could merge them all together in Photoshop to make an image with good contrast like the image above displaying traditional HDR. It was also very eye opening to see how to make images with very crazy tones and colors like we did when making our funky HDR images (below). This project taught me very essential keys to keep in mind for when using my camera and Photoshop.

Funky HDR
Painting with Light (Portrait)

The project I am most likely to try again is the portraits. I like portrait photography a lot because you can tell a story just by someone's facial expression or pose. Even though I did the painting with light image for this project, I also really like to take traditional portraits too. In my painting with light image above, I had a design over her head signifying an idea that she just had that popped into her head. I plan to use my photography skills I learned in this class in the future by telling stories with my pictures through people and nature/landscapes because those are my favorite things to photograph.

Special Effects Images

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