The Purple Spotted Shark by Briana Valli

The Common Name of my organism is the Purple Spotted Shark due to it's fascinating appearance. The Genus which it belongs to is Hexanchus and it is a member of the species of Purple Sharks.

In what zones of the Ocean is your organism found? My Organism can be found in Pelagic Zone, Neritic Zone, the Euphotic Zone, and the Epipelagic zone. What are some of the abiotic factors in this zone? Some abioltic factors are high sunlight, high amount of oxygen, low pressure and moderately warm temperature.

What traits make your organism well-suited to live in this zone? My organism is well suited because of its thick skin protecting it from the sunlight and its high predation skills to emit a poison and once prey is near. It has adapted by gaining the dark purple coloration in order to blend in with the surrounding Ocean. The poison emitting process was also an adaptation because it decreases the chances greatly of my Organism's meal swimming away.

How does your organism move? My organism moves by swimming through the water with the help of its fins and flexible body. It relies on it's tail to propel itself through the water while It's dorsal fins help guide it. It maintains this movement by moving it's body side to side, if it discontinues swimming it will sink.

How and what does your Organism eat? My Organism eats by emitting a poison, through its yellow colored pours on the bottom of it's body. This poison is emitted when it senses prey in a 3 meter radius from it, making them slower and easier to catch. My organism feeds on large fish including Sea Mullet and Grouper.

What color is your Organism? Why does it have those particular colors? My organism is purple with yellow dots. It is colored this way because the deep purple helps camouflage it's body into the surrounding water while its yellow spots can be mistaken for small fish, luring in prey.

How does your Organism protect itself? My organism has to protect itself from very little due to it being at the top of the food chain. Although, if needed it can emit poison at a higher dose tranquilizing anything it deems threatening. This poison will place it's possible predator in disillusion and give my Organism time to flee from danger.

Is your Organism planktonic, nektonic, or benthic? My Organism is nektonic floating through the water due to its flexible body made out of cartilage, fins as guidance, and tail to propel itself.

Describe the method/structures your Organism uses to breathe. My organism breathes in through gills located on the upper side of it's body, closer to the head. These gills extract oxygen out of the water through tiny blood vessels, by swimming with it's mouth open it allows water to pass over the gills.

Explain how your Organism reproduces. My organism reproduces by strangely enough the same method it uses to poison other animals. It's poisonous substance attracts Purple Spotted Sharks of the opposite gender which are immune to the poisonous effects. Once a male shark and a female shark meet together her golden pours become the entranceway for sperm pouring out of the male sharks pours. This process fertilizes the female shark.

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