Termites By: Everett Badgerow

Termites are small insects that are apart of the decomposers and are a very important of them too. Typically termites live in tropical and subtropical environments where they help break down and recycle up to one third of the annual production of dead wood. Termites are similar to ants in structure and shape but are pale in color when young. Once an adult, the termites get darker in color.

The countries in red are where termites are most commonly found.

Termites have 4 families in North America and 7 worldwide. They also have 44 species in North America but they have a total of about 2,300 worldwide. The closest insect that relates to termites is the cockroach. This is because of behavioral and ecological similarities between termites and wood roaches.


Created with images by Derek Keats - "Flying termites"

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