Peru By Jay, joey, ruben, and anthony

Official name of country - Peru

Capital of Peru - Lima

Population as of 2016 - 31,774,225

Form of currency - Sol

Government - Democratic Republic (people elect officials they would like in office)

important cities - Lima, Cuzco, La Paz, Iquitos, Machu Pichu

Independence date - July 28, 1821

Languages - Spanish, Aymara, Quechua

Ethnicity - Amerindian 45%, Mestizo 37%, White 15%, Black Chinese Chinese and other 3%

Religion - Roman Catholic

Food - Lomo Saltado (stir fry dish)

Festivals - Carnival (month of February) Typical ritual - yunza (enormous tree is planted somewhere full of presents and gifts. People are dancing around the yunza. Idea is to cut the tree so it falls. Couple that gets the last cut before the tree falls is in change of organization of the yunza next year.

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