Compliments are in order on your union! What an a amazing time. The union of two people coming together to create a world for them selves. Planning a wedding. Yes it can seen to be overwhelming. There are millions of things to do and not enough time to complete them all, you may feel. Well! One thing you must not worry much about. Is your wedding photographs! Well I got that covered. Let me capture every memorable minute, from the “getting ready” shots, the emotional seconds of the Father and Bride, to the tear jerking ceremony, to the lovely reception celebration, I would love to documented your forever. I will make sure that you recollect every single minute of this beautiful feelings and show your love story.



Photographing things, people and places is everything. “ This is the only thing I like to do and what I live for. ” Said, Donn Thompson. Fashion, Beauty & Wedding, New York Based photographer. I can’t not remember when I didn’t have a camera in my hands. Born in the Bahamas. I saw colors and lines every where. The land, The beach, The buildings, The people, The cars. the market place. I paid attention to small details. Sun light or just light itself. How it would kiss the water on the ocean at different time of the day, changing the hues. Or standing and watching a person from a far, walking towards you and as the persons image got closer it was something different because of the heat rays and sunlight.

Ty & Samson could not have asked for a more perfect day. The skies where blue. Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard, beautiful fields with grape wine where freshly cut for that day. Even the horses looked as if they where apart of wedding ceremony. As make up was being applied on lovely black faces of every shade. The designer made her final touches and fittings. As I looked on and captured the moments.

Ty & Samson


Lets meet to discuss your wedding plans and this can happen over a cup of tea in person, over the phone, via email or even Skype. During this meeting we will go over all the details, ideas and concerns you may have for your wedding session. Below is a timeline of the process from beginning to end. Most importantly you can expect nothing less than superior service from Donn Thompson of Drac Inc!

G E T T I N G - T O - K N O W - E A C H - O T H E R

Some time prior to your wedding day. We will email you a questionnaire for more detailed information about you as a couple. To help us understand your love story and make your photo even more special.

C H E C K I N G - T H E - P L A N S

One month before your wedding, We will contact your wedding coordinator to ensure your photo session is included in the wedding schedule. We want to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly and the focus is on the bride and groom.

F I N A L I Z I N G - F I N A N C E S

Full payment for the photography services are due one week prior to your wedding day.

I T ‘ S - A L M O S T - T I M E

One week before your wedding, We will contact you to go over the session details one last time and make any last minute changes.

Y O U R - G A L L E R Y - G O E S - L I V E

Congratulations! You are married! 3 - 5 days after. An online digital gallery with all images will be posted and a link will be emailed or texted to you along with a code to view all photos, via smart phone or your desk top.


G E T T I N G - R E A D Y

The start of a magical day. We will arrive an hour or two before the ceremony to take shots of the bride and her bridesmaids as well as the groom and his groomsmen getting ready.

W E D D I N G - D E T A I L S

It’s all in the details. We will take close-up shots of the wedding rings and floral arrangements, as well as any items you feel are important to document.

F I R S T - L O O K

Love at first sight. The bride and groom will have a few moments alone, where they will get to see each other for the first time in their wedding attire.

W E D D I N G - P H O T O S

To be remembered forever. Portrait photos of the bride and groom will then be taken. The bridal party as well as immediate family will also join in to document this special time.

T H E - C E R E M O N Y

Two become one. Photos will be taken from many angles throughout the ceremony. All major moments including the vows, as well as the first kiss will be captured.

T H E - R E C E P T I O N

Let the celebrations begin! We will take photos throughout the reception dinner, including photos of the speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss and the couples grand exit.



1 Photographer

5 Hours | 350 Images |USB with Images

(80) 4x6 Photos

Low Res Digitals


1 Photographer

8 Hours | 600 Images | USB with Images

1 Framed 8x10 | (5) 8x10 | (80) 4x6

20 Spread 8x8 Flush Mount Album

Low Res Digitals


2 Photographers

10 Hours (Full Day Coverage) | Unlimited Photos | USB with Images

(1) Metal Print 20x30 (10) 8x10

20 Spread 12x12 Flush Mount Album | (1) Gift Parent Album

Hi Res Digitals


2 Photographers

10 Hours (Full Day Coverage) | Unlmited Photos | USB with Images

Engagement Session | Bridal Session/Day after Session

(1) Canvass 20x30 (2) Metal Prints 16x24

Premier 12x12 (20) Spread Album (Hand Made Exotic Leather)

(2) Premier Parent 8x8 Album

Hi Res Digitals

Although we try to add many amazing treats in our wedding collections there may be a unique feature in your wedding which require extra items that we can accommodate. Refer to our A la carte menu for more options.


Additional Hours of Wedding Coverage

Second or Third Photographer

Trash the Dress Session

Leather Flush Mount Albums

Custom Premier Albums

Gift Albums for Parents

Canvas & Metal Wall Art

"Everything just came together on this special day. When I saw Ronald for the first time on that day I was to happy and wish I could cry but was to excited to do so" said Lean.


Engagement Session email or call about prices

(1.5Hours | 30-40 Hi Res Images | Free Online Gallery |2 Clothing Changes)

Premier Engagement Session email or call about prices

(3Hours | 40-60 Hi Res Images | Free Online Gallery |3 Clothing Changes)

“There is no better feeling, than feeling like a princess on your wedding day. It was without a doubt the most special day of my life. Thank you Donn Thompson for helping us relax and enjoy our session. Our love for one another truly shines through our wedding photos.” Kundly & Lola

Thank you so much for inquiring! I would love to documenting your beautiful love story.



Created By
Donn Thompson


Photo: Donn Thompson www.dracinc.com

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