Optimizing The big set up

Social media optimization


It's just begun

All Social Networks are set, Your content is all created, campaigns and Goals are all planned. Contacts are grouped across platforms.

Time for a system check

All you need is to optimize Your interactivity and communication between all networks. Make sure all profiles are maximized on search networks

And thats not all.

Our discription of Optimization

Imagine your network as an electrical component, that needed all specific wires connected and routed specifically for a light to turn on. This light will turn on all other lights. (Like Christmas lights) optimimizing your Social media is very similar except these lights are across Hundreds of networks and platforms. The goal is to make sure all the lights are turned on and the wires are not crossed or broken.

Optimizing is Always MONITERED

Truth is we could discuss optimization All day. So instead I made a nice list of ways we go the extra mile

This list just scrapes the surface its how We deliver our guarantee.

If only this button existed
Usernames consistent and put together in as hashtags and profile links.
These are the gears of your system
All images being used are double checked for broken paths, metadata errors, properly Named & geo tagged
Link connectivity
All profile URLS checked for paths and And make sure all possible connections are online
All major networks are checked for Errors, Missing Content and Contacts.
Detailed inspections
All keyword, #, Reminder & notification alerts are setup and tested
Stay on top of your notifications
Make sure all campaign content has relevant Type of posts for corresponding networks.
Run through a check list of all platforms for completion
Metadata is your contents Drive folder in the internet
Web sight pages are properly distributed through relevant corresponding networks and content
Cloud Connectivity
Check all search engine networks for proper setup of webmaster and optimizing their preferences
Check all automated recipes for proper distribution to media folders
Triggers / Tags
Make sure any communication between your audience is set to alert, respond or Forwarded
Run Tests
Make sure all profiles viewing setting are public and open
Search key words
Keep your eye on the prize
It will be guaranteed
Travel through your Network
Finishing all business accounts on social
A visual representation of optimized settings
All call to actions are Functional
Check calendar for missing scheduled interactions and engagement
Rash reports
Check all analytical and insights for proper settings
Turn on the lights
All paid subscriptions are checked for Activated
1st campaign is scheduled and launched
Campaign launch
Optimization is how we assure that links will be seen , interacted and taken to where you want them.
Mobility check

And much more

Optimization is a process and never ends, but the first optimzing of your Social Media is critical for brand loyalty, Awareness & converting traffic into Interactive and productive traffic.
So many details to list all

Next we deploy all campaigns

Created By
Roly Daniel

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