Good Life Tour of the Harn By cassi lee

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: The painting portrayed in this photo is Hiram Williams' "Palm Tree with Sea", created in 1991, and it is mixed media on paper. I was instantly drawn to this art piece because of the 3-D effect it had. There were certain sections that protruded from the canvas more than others, and it seemed more realistic. This gave me a better appreciation for the piece, and seeing it in person was more interactive due to the 3-D aspect. I also appreciated the artist's random paint splatters, which was reminiscent of Jackson's Pollock's style of art. The colors used by Williams also drew me in, because it was bright and evoked happiness. Because of the colors, imperfect lines of paint, and protruding features, this communicated that Hiram Williams wanted to create a piece of art that everyone could relate to and interact with. I felt simultaneously happy and calm while viewing this artwork.
Design of the Museum: I loved the layout of Highlights from the Modern Collection. I love that there were small walls everywhere and glass cases on all the artifacts. The space was used wisely, scattering walls and art pieces sporadically. The lighting also positively contributed to my experience. There were spotlights placed on the pieces, and was slightly dim everywhere else. It really gave focus to the artwork and made my appreciation even greater. The random arrangement of the art also made it more fun to weave through the artifacts to find other pieces. The exhibit made me feel as though I was in a maze, and there was treasure at every turn. I was always surrounded by great art that was highlighted well by the spotlights and protruding walls.
Art and Core Values: This is a picture of Giovanni Battista Piranesi's "The Drawbridge". His sketch appealed to one of my core values, determination. Seeing his intricate architectural design made me feel a desire to work harder and put more effort into anything I do. Piranesi could hav easily drawn a simple staircase, but he chose to create something unique, challenging, and in turn, rewarding. He was determined to push his artistic talent and grow. This sketch gave me a deeper feeling of determination and encouraged me to start working harder. It made me feel as though I should always put in 100% effort into my daily tasks, no matter what it is. Piranesi's painting reminded me that hard work always beats talent, and that I should cherish my ability to work hard. Once people age, their skill set declines and nothing will be as easy as before.
Art and the Good Life: This oil painting, "Gloucester", by Childe Hassam represents the theme, "Sharing the Good Life". Although this oil on panel portrays an outdoor scenery, the setting is important. Gloucester is the community in which Hassam would spend the summer with other fellow artists. They offered each other companionship while searching for art subjects. Their friendship inspired one other to search harder, work harder, and be a better version of themselves. The reason for this painting was brought up by friendship, and I believe it was made evident that relationships allow for growth. Hassam's painting reminded me that no one can live this life alone. Friendships enhance the entire experience and creates new opportunities for happiness, warmth, and love. I value the theme "Sharing the Good Life" to a greater extent after seeing this artwork and the positive effects that relationships had on Hassam.

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