Innovative Media by uzair zazili (0324107)

I'm Uzair and enjoying football life as well as a student. I want to learn more about editing, filming and be creative which would help me in the future. I am majoring in Broadcasting.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion

Stop motion is start of making video that most of the people know about it. It's a place where you can be creative to do anything with the word 'PLAY'. Press Play and it moves.

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Does Vaping Stop People from Taking Drugs?

Start Vape Stop Drugs

Exercise 3: Infographic

This infographic show 5 steps to stop drug abuse. It shows to the world no matter what age you are. This is more towards to the people who are still have not been touch drug and those who are still abusing it. It shows that no matter what every person do still have chance to live their life and to be safe from drugs.

Exercise 4: Mobile App (TrippyHotel)

Book a hotel with simple click with no ads, only 4 buttons to click on and it is satisfy your needs.

Assignment 2 : Video

We, Young Metro, welcome to this video, Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and so is it's cuisine. In this short video, we will show you our vlog regarding our topic that we chose which is food. The food culture in Malaysia plays a big role in our daily lives. Here we have a short video of something called The Messed Up Family that can be found in a local cafe known as Garage 51. This is not part of our local cuisine but we suggest you give it a go. Here's The Messed Up Family on how it's done and where it can be found. Enjoy!




The Script

Assignment 3: Chat Sticker

My inspiration of sketching

1. Sleepy: Sleepy Skeleton

A skeleton was too sleepy and lazy to disturb people at night so he took a break.

2. Happy: A big Smile

He was too excited with his celebration and point out to others to smile

3. Sad: Paper Boy Head

The reason why he put on the paper bag, he was bullied and people make fun of him

4. Working: Busy Man

He surrender by putting up his both hands because he had no time his family

5. Angry: Mr. Boss

A kind of a boss that you wouldn't wanna get into a fight with. To him discipline is they key and learn from your mistake.

6. Confused: Bobby-Fused

Don't get confused peeps. He is good boy and he is just confused with his own clothes and hiss way back home from school.
Created By
Uzair Zazili


Created with images by Republica - "camera vintage retro" • Pexels - "architecture backlit buildings" • shoelessRVA_photography - "street night cars" • Unsplash - "street road night" • MarioMancuso - "street singer" • Unsplash - "skateboarding park skateboard skateboarder skater lifestyle outdoor"

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