Welcome to Adobe Sign Trusted and simple e-signatures from Adobe

Welcome to Adobe Sign, the industry's trusted electronic signature leader enabling over 6 billion signature transactions every year.

What is Adobe Sign?

Easily collect signatures. Anywhere and on any device.

It’s time to simplify the signing process. With Adobe Sign, you can get documents signed in minutes – not days. Get started today and drive business forward.

With Adobe Sign, you can:

Get signatures in minutes


Work from anywhere, using any device


Ensure legality, security, and compliance


Simplify existing workflows and design new ones


Three things to do with Adobe Sign:

Applicable for hundreds of use cases

1. Sign documents & get signatures

Sign documents that require a legally-defensible signature, often used with customer or business-to-business transactions. Or, if you prefer, you can delegate signing to someone else.

  • Vendor contracts
  • Scopes of work
  • NDAs

2. Fill forms

Collect information from a customer, partner, or employee to kick off a new process or gather needed information.

  • Photo release forms
  • Facilities requests
  • New hire onboarding

3. Approve documents

Approve documents when a formal signature isn’t required, often used for internal processes.

  • Purchase orders
  • Service orders
  • Project approvals

Adobe Sign is about more than getting e-signatures. It's about getting all your document-based processes done.

  • Use different recipient roles to get all kinds of workflows digitized and streamlined — whether or not a signature is required.
  • Create a web form to post online and collect form submissions from anywhere.
  • Build a custom workflow to automatically route documents to where they have to go, without any manual processing.

Why customers prefer Adobe Sign:

We have a wide range of partner integrations available. Adobe Sign fits right in with your existing business systems and apps — so employees can go right on working in the tools they use every day.

Adobe Sign common use cases include:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Vendor agreements
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Master service agreement
  • Employee policies
  • Client scopes

There are dozens of use cases for Adobe Sign. Check out some of the others:

We look forward to working with you!