Management Skills Problem solving

Definition of Problem Solving

Means finding and then implementing a cause of action to correct an unworkable situation.

Why is problem solving a key skill for effective management?

Problem solving skills are vital for effective management in a business because managers need to remedy any problems throughout the business in order to function the most effectively and the most productively, and hence produce the most profit/the most of their desired goal.

Problems get in the way of a firm achieving their desired goals. problem solving skills allow management to refocus the firm's attention to their goals through solving and eradicating problems that arise within the workplace.

The Problem Solving Process

1. Identify the problem and causes

2. Gather relevant information

3. Develop alternative solutions

4. Analyse the alternatives

5. Chose one alternative and implement it

6. Evaluate the solution

As a manager in the workplace, how would you promote the importance of adopting good problem-solving skills?

To promote the importance of adopting good problem-solving skills, managers should encourage and display transparent communication within the workplace. This means that everyone’s point of views and opinions are freely expressed. People should also feel comfortable to voice their concerns. Yes, communication is a fundamental necessity. That is why when those involved in the problem would rather not express themselves – fearing they may threaten their job and/or expose their own or someone else’s wrong-doing – the problem solving process becomes a treasure hunt. Effective communication towards problem solving happens because of a leader’s ability to facilitate an open dialogue between people who trust her intentions and feel that they are in a safe environment to share why they believe the problem happened as well as specific solutions.

Other strategies:

- open-minded people allows efficient problemsolving in a positive and supportive working environment

- implement a solid foundational strategy for how the business solves problems; change it according to previous results/effectiveness


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