Middle Ages Rant Cole Rumpca & Abdi Abdiaziz

Rant #1

I am a Serf (peasant). I have many complaints of how the Middle Ages has treated me. First, I have to work tirelessly in the fields only to be rewarded protection from the lord. While the most important Nobles or “Fiefs”, get rewarded land grants.

Rant #2

The only church at the time was the Catholic Church. The church also had its own laws.

Rant #3

Most of our homes were cold, damp, and dark. Sometimes it was warmer outside than the actual inside of the house.

Rant #4

The longer length of your jacket was a sign of greater wealth. Also the more rich you were the more colorful your clothes were.

Rant #5

Our health care system was great! It was very poor and antibiotics weren't even around then. It was almost impossible to cure the diseases without them.

Rant #6

The most important aspects of religious life was art and music. Many performances took place outside of the church. Also drama grew and spread very quickly.

Rant #7

Lastly the poor became poorer and the rich were richer. We decided to move our farms father to the countryside.

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