YOU GIVE ME A HEART-ON ...I'm a dork...

Here's some pictures to give you a glimpse of things that are important to me. This is barley the tip of the iceberg, but it provides insight and...I want you to know me too.

The love of my life

My sister Emily


Me in drag

Teenage me & Emily

Took the day off from trimming weed in NoCal to see the coast

This is the day that gay marriage became legal

This is me at a renaissance Festival

Baby me


My parents at Aids Walk Austin

This is Patrice Pike. She was a poster on my wall in high school. She's now one of my best friends.

Me & my mom & dad

Me & Dixie

Ophelia Haynes-Up

What I see when I look in the mirror

Little gay me

This was my patio at my last place.

Fuck yaaassss QWEEN!!

My old band at a reunion show

Manny & the Brokeback Boys

Jesus slams

Me on stage with Patrice Pike as she was headlining the Kerrville Folk Festival. There were a few thousand people in front of us. Amazing night!!

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Alli Reece

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