School Arts Are Important By: Mariah Andrewson April 19, 2017

School Arts. Your average electives like band, orchestra at school. And also school sports like volleyball and football. I think that all school activities are important for students to experience.

When you get involved in school activities, you have that opportunity to express yourself. Like maybe playing a instrument in your school band or orchestra.

7 out of 10 kids say they are currently playing an instrument.

Getting involved in school arts will give you a chance to learn something new and build off what you already know. And you can put yourself in situation where you have to figure them out by yourself. Wouldn't you get bored if you had only the required classes all year?

The third point as to why you should join in some electives is because you can meet new people and they have traits you can learn from. Like in a drama class. Maybe someone have a lot of bravery to go up on the stage and you don't. Well the more you watch them the more times you imagine yourself doing it.

Now I want you to start getting more involved in school activities no matter what it is!


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