What is Stock? Stock is a liquid of preparation

Stock is an essence of flavor that dispersed into water.there are lots of stocks that many nations and cultures. A stock great for stews where you are slowly simmering and tenderizing meat. its made by chicken and vegetables. And there are many kind of stock there is white stock,Brown stock, ect. And its really good,and easy to make. Stock is also know for sauce.

white stock is a stock made of bones that have been roasted or browned.

White stock is a flavored liquid preparation. It forms the basis of many dishes, mostly is soup and sauces.

brown stock are typically made with beef bones.

Brown stock is of of the basic stocks in french cuisine. Its contains marrow bones,beef,poultry carcasses,carrots,turnips,leeks,celery,parsnips and onion and is simmered and skimmed for several hours producing as a bark brown liquid sauces,soups and stews.

Fumet is a concentrated stock, especially of game or finish, used as flavoring.

A stock made by simmering fish, chicken, game, ect., in water, or in wine, or in both, often boiled down to a concentrate that the flavor is used as a flavoring.

Fish stock is derived from the bones of non-fatty fish

The preferable bones are that of the halibut, or if unavailable, other non-fatty flat fish. They are a snap to make, taking only 45 minutes, and are essential for dishes that showcase seafood as its main.

Vegetable stock is just as the name implies.

Vegetarian stock used in soups with no meat, or flavor enhancer in place of water,A good vegetable stock should be clear and light-colored.

Court Bouillon is an acidic cooking liquid that is not actually a stock.

Court Bouillon is a prepared in the same manner stock, so we will cover it in this section, A court bouillon is mostly water with a bit of wine and vinegar, where vegetables and seasonings have been simmered to extract their flavors.

Do you think stocks are important part of cooking?

Yes i think it is important part of cooking because if you don't know what to cook you can just cook many types of stock. And i think that if someone is sick you can make it for them, or if you want to try something new you can make any type of stovk because the are all different.

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