Pop art presentation Adam brayden

Art in which common objects ( such as road signs, hamburgers, comic strioss, or soup cans ) are used

Pop art started in the 1950s in Europe then in the late 1950s in America

Two famous pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol


Created with images by Ruth and Dave - "Pop art" • Cupoheld - "art modern art modern pop art" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "graffiti man umbrella" • garlandcannon - "Imagine Yourself As A Carnation" • succo - "first aid chest compressions artificial respiration" • SFB579 Namaste - "karen pop art" • ♡Blackangelツ - "Pop Art" • PixelAnarchy - "balls glass abstract" • RyanMcGuire - "warrior karate japanese" • Zorro4 - "bird tree sculpture birds" • HotelMonacoMuenchen - "carousel year market ride" • The Hyper-Psych Art of Michael J Bowman - "Grumblebum (Tuesday's Totem) by Michael J Bowman" • 7sigma - "As Mil Faces de Che" • Luiz Fernando Reis MMF - "Marilyn Monroe cor 194" • The Hyper-Psych Art of Michael J Bowman - "Spirit Surge by Michael J Bowman" • The Hyper-Psych Art of Michael J Bowman - "Tubular by Michael J Bowman" • sarahcstanley - "Warhol" • PublicDomainPictures - "pop warhol retro"

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