AVI2O/AWQ2O Visual Art and photography lukie phillips

I think this Image is interesting because of the shadow around her. It has a strong composition because the lighting is very nice, the quality is really good and clear. It can inspire my artwork because in the future I can make sure to get good lighting like I got in this one.
This image grabs your attention because at first you're probably not sure exactly what it is ( It's her back close up). I think the composition is good because I took it from an interesting angle. Also I think it's cool that one side is light and the other is dark. This image can inspire me to take more unconventional pictures.
This image grabs your attention because she looks really cute. It has a strong composition because this angle definitely captures her personality. It's not very clear quality wise but I think it makes up for that. This picture can inspire me to try to capture personalities in humans too in the future.
This picture is interesting and grabs your attention because right away you'll think about the pose she is in because that's not normally how dogs lie. It has a strong composition because she's centered well and the lighting is good. This picture can inspire me like the others to take more unconventional pictures and capture personalities which I think I did both here.
This image is interesting because up how close up it is and because it's upside down. It has a strong composition for pretty much the same reasons, It's taken from an interesting angle and how close up it is. This image can inspire my pictures in the future because I can try to always get the best and most interesting angle.
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Lukie Phillips

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