A Fundraiser 4 Life solving the dangerous issue of overpopulation in Lincoln county's animal shelter

Most shelter animals are psychologically damaged from living in the confinements of a shelter. If an animal is caged in a small space with many other animals, the animal's stress and aggression levels will likely increase. However, if an animal is caged alone it is likely the animal may fall into depression.

These animals that are not adopted soon, whether it is due to sickness, depression, or over crowdedness are eventually euthanized. The euthanasia rate is drastically high due to overpopulation, yet, this issue can be solved through help from the community.

Small Spaces Are Not the Answer. In order to properly reduce overpopulation and the euthanasia rate, Lincoln County should host an "Adopt Me Day", so that the community can raise money to build a larger shelter.
The need for companionship is imperative for any animal to thrive in a shelter. By hosting "Adopt Me Day" and raising money for a larger shelter, animals can be caged together with a proper amount of room for healthy companionship.
For years pets have helped bring families together throughout the community. In return, I believe that the community should work together to give a gift back to man's best friend.
Created By
Madison Pearce


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