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AEP students Visit Local Artist @ The Esplanade

Meeting local artist Tang Dawu at the Esplanade

In March this year, our Sec 1-4 AEP students had a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from our local artist. As a prelude to the outing students watched the newly released animated film titled Loving Vincent on Valentine’s Day. They then enjoyed some hands-on activity.

Students sewed on local artist’s 5m long embroidery that would be part of his performance art titled ‘Letter To Theo’
Students learning about Vincent van Gogh from the artist, as they paint on the classic van Hogg’s chair fabricated by Tang
南中古筝团滨海华艺节表演 Ode On Spring





南中古筝团队长 胡濯尘

“华文大比拼” 我校四连冠






Positive Education @ NYGH

In this issue, we share two short articles by two teachers as well as thoughts and approaches towards developing positivism from students. Also, read on, for tips and strategies on being positive and staying positive.

What teaching means to me - by Ms Natalie Teng

We teach who we are – it is about connecting heart to heart with the students because they see us as who we are. If we are real in connecting with them, they will see it and feel it. It is about genuine relationships and how we see our roles in their lives. Many students just need someone to believe in them and to instill hope in their lives. It is quite impactful if there is an adult to tell them that he or she believes in them. I hope to be a good role model and a mentor, to impart life skills and knowledge to the students. My interaction with the students may be short but that can develop into a longlasting friendship. Whatever it is, I treasure every single moment I have with my students. This is what someone had written about me: “Natalie is very patient and caring in working with students, especially those who may be in trouble or struggling. Once, she got to know a Sec 3 girl who was not doing well in her academic work and was not active in her CCA. Natalie offered to take her in to volunteer at the Backyard Café. She spent a lot of time talking to her and building up her self-esteem. Natalie patiently guided her to navigate around her problems and helped her gain confidence to do well in school.”

Those Who Can, Teach (With apologies to George Bernard Shaw) - by Ms Karen Kang

To be a teacher is to be granted a position of immense privilege and power: the privilege of being an important part of a child’s journey through life; the power to leave one’s imprint on that child for life.

I have been a teacher for 24 years in a range of schools – independent, autonomous and neighbourhood – and I have discovered that no matter what type of school a child is in, children are all the same. They need encouragement, affirmation, love, sometimes tough love, sometimes very tough love.

My philosophy as a teacher is that behind every student is a person and it is incumbent on me, as a teacher, to know who that person is. I make it a point to have individual chats after school with as many of the children I teach, as possible. I am interested in knowing who they are as people and their lives outside of school. Because school does not make them. Because results do not make them. I am interested in the story behind every child because every child has a story.

As teaching becomes more demanding, society more complex and children more delicate, all the more we must love the children placed in our duty and care. To love them does not mean to give them what they want, but to let them know:

That we recognise they exist as individuals with unique personalities and special stories of their own.

That we want to take the time to listen to these stories.

That we want to enter their world to know them.

That we want to equip them with the values, morals and principles to navigate the journey of life.

That we want to be part of their lives.

Because their lives matter.

Because we care enough.

Message from Class 403

Small acts of kindness go a long way.

When we were appointed as members of Board Of Monitors and Assistant Board Of Monitors, we were eager to come up with many ideas for new initiatives in class so that our friends could take their minds off studying, even for a little while, to de-stress. What better way than to ask them to show a little kindness to their peers?

We came up with the #startyourmonthoffright initiative. At the start of every month, our classmates write small notes of encouragement to another classmate, chosen at random, by drawing a name from a bag. So at the start of the month, all our classmates not only give, but also receive. We also hope for our classmates to forge stronger bonds and feel a sense of belonging within the class, feel support from others, and also give encouragement to their peers. In this way, we also believe we can create a more positive class environment.

Happiness and positivity may come in any form. Our wish is for more of our school mates to take a little time off and try to make someone else's day.

Message from Class 414

February 14. Love is in the air!

414 decided to spread the love around the Secondary Four cohort for Valentine's Day.

It was a simple plan - twenty-two people to split into pairs and each pair to handle about half a class' worth of Valentine's Day cards. We sourced namelists and divided the writing equally. Each card was personalised, containing humorous pick-up lines and words of encouragement. The cards were prepared the day before and lined up neatly along our side table. On the big day, the cards were placed in the respective classes.

We hope the small gesture brightened someone’s Valentine’s Day and touched their hearts! We are extremely keen on contributing to a healthy, happy school environment, and would like to pursue similar initiatives to continue to cheer one another on!

In this year of high stakes and stress, we hope that all Secondary Fours will continue keeping a positive mindset and maintain our culture of encouragement! We're all in this together. JIAYOU!

Whenever I am feeling low, I turn around to look for them, knowing that they've always got my back. All 26 of them. - Hu Zhuochen 411
The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time. - Shannon Tho Sec 103
Don’t dwell on life’s misfortunes. Because in that time, some fortunes would have been missed. - Liu Jiaying 209

Tips on How to Stay Positive: 3 Smart Habits

1) Cultivate and live in a positive environment.

To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down.So carefully consider what you let into your mind.

2) Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

It’s very easy to lose perspective, especially if you are stressed and you are going too fast, so before a molehill can become ‘a big and terrifying mountain in your mind’ - Say Stop Breathe Refocus.

3) Add value and positivity to someone else’s life.

What you send out you tend to get back from the world and the people in it. So give value and spread the positivity by for example: Helping out Just listening Boosting the mood

Source: https://www.positivityblog.com/how-to-stay-positive/

自己试着去改变 - 张荣华老师





第十五届新马小学双语奥林匹克赛决赛于4月19日在南洋女中举行,经过激烈的角逐, 南华小学夺得冠军。SMBO为新马小学生提供了双语能力切磋的平台。

第十五届新马小学双语奥林匹克赛决赛于4月19日在南洋女中举行,经过激烈的角逐, 最后南华小学夺得冠军,南洋小学、马来西亚宽柔国民型第一小学分别获得亚军和季军。新马小学双语奥林匹克赛是新加坡、马来西亚小学间的一场翻译比赛,至今已经进入第十五个年头了,每年都吸引数百名新加坡和马来西亚的小学生参加比赛,十五年来一共有超过7000名新马小学生参加了这项比赛活动。比赛的宗旨是促进新马小学中英双语人才的培养,并让本地小学生与马来西亚小学生有机会进行中英双语的学习与交流,多年来取得了丰硕的成果。

比赛分初赛及决赛,初赛于4月3日在南洋女子中学校举行。今年共有53间新马小学派队参加,共有将近800名小学生参加了这项比赛,人数是去年的两倍。初赛的形式是听力和笔答。 前三名学校进入大决赛。前30名学生获得个人优异奖。


Orator’s Trophy 2018

Two students, Samantha Tan and Elena Wee, took part in the Orator’s Trophy in February. Samantha emerged finalist in the Senior League and Elena was a semi-finalist in the Junior League. Here, they share some thoughts and feelings on their experience.

It was a wonderful experience getting to meet my fellow competitor-turned-friends who share the same passion: We believe in the power of words to impact and conquer. I also appreciated the opportunity to listen to other speakers and to be inspired by them. The competition was a breakthrough for me as usually, stress gets the better of me in such competitions but for the first time, I felt a connection and enjoyed speaking passionately on what I believe in. This is one experience that will stay with me for a long time.

Samantha Tan, 401

I have always been afraid of public speaking, and in all honesty, did not expect to achieve much at the competition. I also found myself intimidated by my senior, Samantha Tan, and felt that little bit of confidence in myself disappear. I was also afraid that I would not be able to live up to the expectations of everybody who believed in me. On the day of the competition, it was an incredible honour to don the yellow blazer and walk into that lecture theatre. The sheer exhilaration I felt propelled me through the competition. I was able to mingle and make friends with so many people. All in all, it was a new experience that opened me up to new possibilities and I would like to say that one should not be afraid to try something new as it might turn out to be a wonderful surprise.

Elena Wee 212

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