DOUBLE FUDGE Project created by: Jason Nguyen


Fudge would find many ways to make money anywhere at any time. He told his older brother peter he had plans to be so rich he was gonna buy the whole world. Or at least his favorite Toys at Toys-R-US. Everything starts to change and get more complicated when Peter runs into their relatives they haven't seen in a while. Their is even another trouble maker just like fudge, named mini-Fudge.

Not Fudge

Here is Fudge, he is a boy who is obsessed with money, and has plans to buy the whole world or at least toys-r-us. He is a big trouble maker

Not actually Peter

This is peter he is fudges older brother. He helps Fudge get money to get rich. Also Peter Loves Fudge as a brother, but they can fight at times. *he does not wear glasses.*

Not mini-Fudge

Here is Mini Fudge. He is just like Fudge except younger. He also causes so much trouble just like fudge. He is also a tattle tale. Also he hates helping people.

Not Tootsie

Here is Tootsie. She is a young girl having her birthday until fudge ruins it. Tootsie would always cry to get attention or because Fudge or Peter is bothering her.

First of all this is not Sheila

Here is Sheila. Sheila can be mean at times. People think she's a brat. Sheila used to be Fudges friend. She was nice at the beginning, but she turned into a real brat said Fudge.

The little boy is not the mom

Anne is a mom that is a little overprotected. If she had to she would bring Tootsie with her to work at times. She also doesn't really like what Fudge is doing with this whole money thing

Question and Comments i have for this book:

-How exactly is Fudge gonna buy the whole world even if he has enough money?

-I liked how (Judy Blume) you made two characters named Fudge.

-In the book what does it mean when it said Peter ran into their "long lost relatives?"

-Why did you call Sheila a "Brat" thats not a nice word.

-Is Fudge jelly because the mom likes Sheila more then him?


Jason Nguyen for creating this Document

Judy Blume for creating this awesome book.

Mrs Batista For sharing this website Adobe Spark with me

Fudge because he is an awesome kid

Albert Lee, Becky Nguyen, Miles Alan, and others who presented because they shared with me parts i can add to my

PS These Pictures were "Close enough" Says Albert Lee.


Created with images by TBIT - "dollar bank note money" • Zyada - "Boy" • geralt - "person man boy" • digihanger - "little boy kid" • Caitlinator - "Tootsies" • Pezibear - "girl out nature" • Natalia_Sol - "new year's eve mom son"

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