Chicks Molly and avery

The incubator has chick eggs in it.we need to wate for 21 days for the chicks to hatch.🐤the incubator incubates the eggs which makes the eggs warm.
The egg is hactching out of the egg. It takes 21 days for the chicks to hatch
A young chick starts to grow grown up grown up stuff is its comb and waddle.
Now the chick is grown up.fact if a chickens comb looks yucky it means that it is sick.
A skunk is a prededor to chicks the predator is really to eat it. I will never let my chick out because a predator


Created with images by NeuPaddy - "basket egg brown" • TheBosque - "CIMG6822" • alex_ford - "Hatching egg #2" • CarbonNYC [in SF!] - "Awkward Teenager" • bojojo_70 - "chicken beak hair" • GO Photo2010 - "skunk running"

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