Lithium Jaycee Mcknight

Atomic Number - 3

Atomic Mass - 6.941

Properties of Lithium - Electronegativity according to Pauling - 1.0, Density - 0.53 -3 at 20 °C, Melting point - 180.5 °C, Boiling point - 1342 °C, Vanderwaals radius - 0.145 nm, Ionic radius - 0.06 nm, Isotopes - 2 ,Electronic shell - 1s22s1 or [He] 2s1, Energy of first ionisation - 520.1 kJ.mol - 1, Standard potential - 3.02 V, Discovered by Johann Arfvedson in 1817

Where Lithium is found - Water contains 0.05-1 mg lithium per liter. Lithium is usually extracted from lithium minerals that can be found in igneous rocks (chiefly spodumene) and from lithium chloride salts that can be found in brine pools. [4] The largest producer of lithium in the world is Chile, which extracts it from brine at the Atacama Salt Flat

What Lithium is used for - It's used in aircraft manufacture and in certain batteries. It's also used in mental health: Lithium carbonate is a common treatment of bipolar disorder, helping to stabilize the wild mood swings caused by the illness

Lithium is a Alkali metal

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