Alpine Bike 1 Mountain Biking Adventure

Alpine Bike 1 is a mountain biking route that goes through the Swiss Alps from East to West. In 2015 three friends, one from Finland and two from Switzerland, joined for true adventure that lasted for 11 days. The whole route would take 16 days so some stages was left for the future.

See the one minute video below. Impressions of the tour

The first day climbing up. The speed felt really slow but still we were going too fast. The mountains started to teach me on our first day.

We need to take photos! What a nice excuse for a short brake.

We finally reached the top. Now its time for a looong fast downhill!

The end of our first stage. Dinner at the Hotel Chalavaina Müstair.

This house has had visitors since the medieval ages. Jon had been in charge of it last 45 years. "There is a limit how old you can drive a car but there is no age limit in hunting. The deer you get is from this valley and when you arrived the salad was still in the garden." After a hard day of riding bikes it was great to eat well and hear the stories. You could feel the history in this place.

Breakfast in a room 700 years old.

You could smell the smoke and the history of 700 hundred years in these walls.

Another day, another climb. A hot day that made the streams of the valley look really attractive .

The reward is always downhill. The freezing water refreshed us.

Long slow climb from Livigno, Italy back towards Swiss border. This time we had an eye on the heart rate. If it would be too high I would find it really hard to go through the whole stage ahead of us

On the way 1800 meters higher!


On top of the Pass Chashauna. The climb was the steepest so far. It was slow and the exhaustion made me sensitive. There was enough time to think all the people I am thankful of. Enjoying the ride but at the same time missing home. Sometimes you need to go far to see near.

This is the start of "dangerous looking but not so dangerous" ride down (whatever that means). This time every thought in my mind disappears in the background as there is only reaction to whatever the trail throws at you.

When we reached St.Moritz we took a bus to Camping Maloja where we expected to find our camping gear that we had sent there from the starting point at Scuol.

Post Buses provide bike racks!

Camping at Maloja

Refreshments at Alp Nova. Sprite and beer mixed.

Three months old and one year old alpine cheese at Alp Nova

A view that a mountain biker can´t avoid in Switzerland.

Septimer Pass

Tschowe riding down an ancient road that goes over the Septimer Pass. I have to respect the people of the past that carried merchandise on this route. We pushed our bikes for hours to reach the top.

After 200 km we came from the trail to road and the next car that passed us was my own! How likely would that happen? Sämi joined us as a driver. He picked the car from our starting point and from this point onwards we could ride lighter.

The Bike colouring, maybe it was inspired by alpine rivers!

Amazing Glass Pass. Steep technical downhill.

Having lunch at one of the many alpine farms by the route. Hot chocolate with milk provided by local cows.

The end of our tour at the top of the Susten Pass. This is where we will continue our Alpine Bike 1 next time.

Longer video of our adventure. Eleven days in ten minutes

Thanks for watching !


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Created By
Hannu Piirainen


Photography Hannu Piirainen and Tschowe Wildbolz

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