The Spring Break of Aryanna Leija

I watched my nephew (4 y.o.) mutton bust for the first time. He was really nervous but after he got over his fear, he enjoyed it at the end. He wants to go next year.

I ate elote in a cup. Then had fried oreos and cheesecake. Just reminiscing about what I ate makes my mouth water.

I went on rides and they were really fun. The Centrifuge was my favorite.

On thursday my family and I went to west texas with some friends. We left on saturday afternoon. I had a great time and I'm glad I got to go.

Me and my family went hiking up the hills. It was a beautiful view, but..........

My niece's blader sent a message to her brain that she needed to go now and fast.

There was no where to go except......


She couldn't.

Her and my brother ran down the hill trying to reach the hotel.

The hotel was behind the Pizza Hut but she couldn't pop a squat fast enough. She peed in the parking lot.

Lesson Learned.

Always use the bushes.


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