Chemical Disasters Nicholas Lo

Feyzin disaster (1966)

The Feyzin disaster occurred in 1966 in a refinery in France near the town of Feyzin and approximately 10 kilometres south of the city of Lyon.

The fire

An LPG (liquified petroleum gas) spill took place when an operator was draining water out of a 1200 metres cubed pressured propane tank. The team, including a plant operator, the shift fireman and a laboratory technician, were taking a sample from sphere number 443. Then, he opened the valves incorrectly, causing some gases to leak out of it. Next, when he fully opened one of the valves, a porwerful jet of propane rushed out of it, which gave frost burns to the opperator's arm and face. As the fireman turned on the water supply in the sphere, the opperator attempted to shut the valve, but failed. Therefore, they set off by foot in search of aid and eventually raised an alarm stopped the traffic from a nearby motorway. Later on, the fire services arrived, but they were not trained for putting out this particular type of fire. Therefore, when they were trying to cool down the surrounding gas spheres, the leaking one exploded, killing several firemen. This first explosion then caused another sphere to shake and leak gas.


  • 18 deaths
  • 81 injuries
  • Toxic chemicals harm by inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion
  • Lots of pollution
Feyzin refinery disaster (1966)

Deepwater Horizon (2010)

Deepwater Horizon was located in the Gulf of Mexico about 70 kilometres from the U.S. state Louisiana. In 2009 the oil rig, owed by BP drilled the deepest oil well in history, 10,683 metres deep.

The explosion

On April 20th, 2010 a jet of seawater shot up 73 metres into the air. This was then followed by an eruption of a combination of drilling mud, methane gas and water. The methane quickly changed to its fully gas state and ignited a series of explosions and a firestorm. They failed in trying to stop the fire and evacuated. In the end, 11 workers were killed and many were injured.


  • BP had to pay a large sum of $401 million for the total loss of the oil rig.
  • Lots of pollution in Gulf of Mexico
  • Many deaths and injuries
Deepwater Horizon (2010)
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