Harn Museum of Art by kyle bassignani

Medium of the Art: This is a face mask made by the Dan People in the 20th century. This is a mask that is worn after a young man wins a race. These mask are important to the Dan people because they shower power and as one moves up to higher ranks they get different masks. The masks are made out of wood, metal, and fiber. The masks are interesting because of all the detail put into the different designs. You can tell that the masks are meaningful to the people by how much time it must have taken to make them. The mask made me think about the things that are important to me that I am willing to put great time and effort into.
Design of the Museum: The landscape of this garden was designed by Aaron Lee Wiener. The sculpture is the vocal point of the garden. I was intrigued by the design because the garden seemed very empty and the only other thing in it was the plant. The sculpture looks like something that would usually be in a regular exhibit. But the garden makes the sculpture stand out more. It makes me wonder why putting a sculpture in a fairly empty room would make it more appealing.
Art and Core Values: This is a photo of the men of Mgbala Agwa, it shows the men about to march throughout the village. Family and brotherhood has always been a strong core value for me and this image shows both. It shows that family can be found anywhere and for any reason. It makes me cherish my family more knowing that these people who probably are not living as easy of a life can come together as a family.
Art and the Good Life: This is a sculpture of a Seated Bodhisattva created in the 17th century. A Bodhisattva is a Buddhist who refuses to enter enlightenment out of compassion for all others. The Bodhisattva seems at peace and happy even though he will not reach his ultimate goal. It makes me think that I can live a good happy life no matter what I achieve. It also makes me realize that I should be more appreciative of the little things and be happy no matter what.
Created By
Kyle Bassignani


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art"

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