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Havana is the most important/largest city on Cuba. Also it has many tourist attractions such as old Havana or The Malcon. Havana is the capital city of Cuba.

Tourist atractions

A UNESCO world heritage site, Habana Vieja or Old Havana is a well-preserved slice of Cuban history. Strolling around the cobbled streets and gazing up at the grand Baroque and neoclassical buildings, it's easy to imagine what life in Cuba was like 200 years ago. Extensive renovations are now breathing new life into the historic buildings. Varadero is one of Cuba's most famous beach destinations. It stretches along the Peninsula de Hicacos, which juts into the sea off the north coast where a drawbridge connects it to the mainland. More than 50 hotels line this popular palm-fringed strip, and its magnificent white-sand beaches draw visitors from around the world.Another of Cuba's idyllic beach destinations and one of its most isolated, Cayo Coco starred in Hemingway's novels, Islands in the Stream and The Old Man and the Sea along with nearby Cayo Guillermo. As part of the Jardines del Rey, the combined archipelago of Sabana-Camaguey, Cayo Coco is connected to the mainland by a bridge, though most visitors arrive by air.


The population

The rural population is 46% and 53% is urban. Over time the rural population has decreased majorly. Havana's name means city of columns.

fun facts

The full name of Cuba is the republic of Cuba. It is the largest island of the Caribbean. Fidel made a statue of john Lennon in 2000. Cuba has a 99.8%literacy rate. It has only snowed once in Cuba!!! Christmas did not become an official holiday in Cuba until 1997. There are many doctors in Cuba that some are sent to other countries for shortage. Also BASEBALL IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SPORTS THERE!!In Havana there are frequently pirate attacks there. Havana's name means city of columns.

City of columns

Government / Economy

Cuba has a autocratic government. A COUNTRY THAT WON'T BE A GOOD DECISION TO CHOSE WILL BE MEXICO. I THINK THAT THEY WOULD USE ALL THEIR MONEY ON THE CITIZENS AND NOT ON ANY FOR THE WORLD CUP! YOU SHOULD CHOSE CUBA BECAUSE WE WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL CITIZENS AND TOURIST. Also here in Cuba having the world cup for 2022 would help us profit and build up or boost our economy. The Cuban government would help the world cup because while we have a autocracy we can tell the citizens to stay out of the way and pretty much do whatever the world cup needs.


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