Syria revolution project

What was challenging about the project is collecting all the phases even when one hasn't append yet for my revolution so getting all the information was difficult. What was interesting was that learning new things about Syria and what was going on today and how everything started. It changed my outlook because of how important these revolutions are and sometimes we don't even know about them. I choose Syria because it interested me the most, I read about it and it brought my attention, I looked at the other ones and it didn't bring my attention that much.

Causes of Syrian Civil War

Syria's leader was very bad, also there economy was very bad, and still is. Syrians even today are very poor and many people live with out homes. The people are doing unhuman acts against other people. They are trying to over throw the government.

Systematic Stage

10-15 year old kids put graffiti on a wall and got caught. They also got tortured and abused winch is not what you would expect of happening to children. Also there was a 13 year old who got tortured and ended up getting killed. Also the loss of oil production is a big cause of it as well. All this really made a long term effect.

Crisis Stage

Aleppo falls and it goes further into civil war, 11 million people have been displaced from their homes.On November 26, the Syrian army launched a military offensive on Aleppo. In less than a month, Syrian troops, with unfettered Russian air support, were able to recapture 90 percent of the eastern part of Aleppo.

Convalescence stage

The effects and recovery from this revolution is that the effect of it will be cleaning up the everything, giving all the civilians there homes back after being destroyed, the recovery will be everything will be back to normal peace and everyone will be happy. The outcome is that will be having to clean everything up feeding everyone again giving back everyone's home.

Syrian civil war vs. the French Revolution

Similarities: dealing with bad leaders both little respiration. They are both protested and 1 major event spark

Differences: French revolution tried to over thrown the government.

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