theres always two sides of the story the crusades

The Christian point of view

The crusades was a battle that involved the Christians over the holy land of Jerusalem

The christian pope wanted to unite roman catholic and eastern orthodox christians

The knights wanted to support the church and many hoped to gain land and wealth

Merchants wanted access to trade routes

The christian soldiers took back jerusalem but lost it and never regained it in the second and third crusade battle.

The muslim point of view

The muslims lost the first crusade battle

They muslims won the second and the third battle and held control of the holy land jerusalem

The art was untouched after the war with the christians

For the most part Muslims remained divided and, at times, even indifferent to the European threat.

The effect on modern day

The effect the crusades had on modern day is the two groups still fight over land. There is islamic groups that fight other religions over land because they don't agree with these religions. The two groups that fought over jerusalem don't control it know.


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