3rd 9 Weeks Portfolio Emily Shonk


This art piece was very randomly thought up. It consists of three pictures, all of the same girl. In each photo, she appears to become more and more irritable as pink, orange, and yellow bubbles fill in around her. Most of this piece was made from pencil and marker, the bubbles were made from soapy water and water colors. My big idea for this piece is that emotions can take you over and show another side of you. My goal was to represent the change in her emotion with her facial expression, successfully print bubbles on the piece, and keep the same looking girl in all three pieces. Overall, I'm mostly happy with this piece.

Tasty and Fashionable

These are my food rings. One ring is a hamburger and fries on a white plate and the other is a taco and nachos on a black tray. I made these rings with polymer clay, pastels, super glue, and a very steady hand. There isn't really much of a big idea for these rings, but I did want to keep up a food theme with them. My goals for these pieces were to show a realistic texture, keep it mini, and keep the theme with food. I'm very proud with how these have turned out.

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