The Quest for the Golden Banana of Justice Ryan Johnsen and cameron berard

In The Quest for the Golden Banana of Justice, you play as a monkey, named Joe who is told to find the Golden Banana of Justice by Phill. Phill tells Joe to go out and find this banana because their village is being attacked by various animals. Joe is the best swordsman in the village, and he is their only hope of saving the village. The golden banana is needed in order to save the village because the banana is the only weakness of the main boss, a rolling head. Once the the head is defeated, the monkey's can rebuild their village and continue thriving in the jungle without being attacked.

This is the main character, Joe.
Some enemies in the game include the bird and the wasp above.
The main boss, is this head, which is basically a bowling ball.

Here are a few screenshots from our game.

Click the link below to play our game.

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