Final Assignment English 102- 5/2/17

Reflect, connect, plan

The final assignment will ask you make connections between the concepts you learned in this semester with future writing tasks (academic or non-academic).

We will go over the assignment sheet and then start to brainstorm possible connections you can write about in your final assignment.


Take a minute to reflect on the concepts we have discussed this semester.

As you reflect, make a list of terms, statements, or brief descriptions of concepts that stayed with you, stood out - list any relevant ideas that you happen to remember.

List should contain 10-15 things.

Imagine, plan

This semester, you have experienced several writing situations in this class. This includes essays, emails to me, each other, in-class writing, collective writing, short assignments, etc.

Now think about writing or communicative situations beyond this class. What communicative situations in the near or distant future are already on your mind? What situations are you worried about, looking forward to?


Some situations I'm thinking about:

Dissertation (due in December, half written, very rough, need to sound like I've read everything ever written).

Preparation of workshop materials - starting a bilingual book project. Bilingual books by refugee children for refugee children. Need to present to local publisher, Tucson Unified School District culture expert, director of refugee tutoring center. Am only male/ student in this situation. Need to be open to everyone's ideas, can't seem like I'm taking over project.

Job applications - Need to prepare my job application materials. Need to learn the most current formatting rules. Need to highlight relevant experience and education to make myself desirable for employers. Need to sound like expert...

Connecting, planning

Write out at least 5 writing situations you anticipate in the near future.

They cannot be the assignments you will do for this class.

Think about writing or communication situations you will engage outside of school - social media, reviews, letters, emails to friends, texts to friends, signs, websites etc.

Plan, share

After you list 5 things, jot down some ideas from your list of English 102 concepts that may help you accomplish your purpose in these new writing situations.

Take 5-10 minutes to share your future communicative situations with a classmate. Tell them the English 102 concepts you think may help you with them.

Compare what you remember about the class. Add to your notes.



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