Meet Ms. Liaw 8th Grade ELA & Literacy- 2021-2022

Ms. Liaw's Educational Background and Teaching Style:

Ms. Liaw has been teaching ELA for 4 years. This year will be her 4th year teaching at Fort Settlement. She is the National Junior Honor Society Co-Sponsor and Harry Potter club sponsor. She previously taught 7th Grade ELA at First Colony Middle School. Her goal is to make sure each student feels welcome and safe in her class this school year!

Ms. Liaw is excited to have you this year!

What are some of Ms. Liaw's Likes?

Her dog, Bon-Bon. Looks may be deceiving, he is actually a big grouch!

I may look fluffy but I really just have small dog syndrome (look this up!).

Her adopted dog, Luna! Some of you may remember her as a puppy! She now towers over Bon Bon and tries to play with him even when he’s grouchy and tries to bite her.

My favorite things to do are to sleep in Bon Bon's bed and to play with my toy squirrels! I also make my owners carry me to PetSmart!

Her family. Fun Fact: Ms. Liaw is a middle-child and there is a ten year gap between her and her two brothers. Her older brother currently works for Halo and is busy developing the new release!

Ms. Liaw loves spending time with her family!

Ms. Liaw also recently got married last year! As you can tell, Luna was very excited! Mr. Majano currently teaches 7th grade science and coaches 8th grade football. Unfortunately, Mr. Majano is a Slytherin…

BTS!!! BTS is a K-pop group. As an ARMY, Ms. Liaw's bias (favorite) is Jimin. Ms. Liaw went to a BTS concert a few years ago.

No videos attached due to Ms. Liaw's intense screaming.

Manga & Anime: Ms. Liaw loves Sword Art, My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, and Demon Slayer to name a few. Her first manga was Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles in the olden days! If you have any good recommendations let me know!

Arts and crafts; Ms. Liaw loves to paint, sew, and make crafty things! Ms. Liaw's capability with art is drawing stick figures, so she gets a lot of her ideas from Pinterest!

A few of Ms. Liaw’s paintings

Harry Potter!! Ms. Liaw's favorite childhood memories include lining up for the midnight releases of Harry Potter books. Harry Potter is the one movie franchise that she thinks is comparable to the books (#booksarebetterthanthemovie).

Ms. Liaw in Harry Potter World a few years ago!

Ms. Liaw's 2021-2022 bOOK cHALLENGE

Ms. Liaw read 100 books last year! Her goal is to reach 100 this year. She is currently at 20 books. (Can you beat Ms. Liaw this year?)

Some of the books Ms. Liaw read this summer.

Ms. Liaw's expectations for her students:

Not only does Ms. Liaw wish for you to gain a meaningful, collaborative learning experience, but she also hopes that you grow as a leader and student this year. She is beyond excited to teach you this year, and she knows you will rock your 8th grade year at Fort Settlement!

Ms. Liaw also loves puns if you can’t already tell.


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