From Nothing To Everything senior Dylan Czerlanis went from sitting on the couch to a varsity starter and won't ever look back // By adrian ruiz

Football has never come easy to the senior, but he persevered through all the hard times and made nothing into something; something he would have never imagined.

"I was so out of shape that the workouts we were doing felt like football wasn’t for me," Czerlanis said.

Czerlanis and his family have always been a fan of the sport but he did not consider playing until his sophomore year. Football coach Brian Glashagel persuaded him to join because he saw potential in Czerlanis. Ever since his first step on the field, he has loved every second of playing football. The starting center is currently in his third year and is hoping to continue his academic and athletic career in college.

Czerlanis has received multiple offers from colleges, ranging from NAIA to D2 schools. He recently received offers from Southwest Minnesota State University, Robert Morris University, and Wisconsin Lutheran College. He is forever grateful to have gotten the opportunity to further his athletic career.

Czerlanis does not have many inspirations, but some that stand out are Coach Glashagel, his aunt and, most importantly, his mom. These people have pushed him to always get better even when times get tough. Coach Glashagel has always been there for him and continues to be a role model in Czerlanis' life.

"He is more than just a football coach; he is also a life coach," Czerlanis said. "He pushes me harder and harder every day, that is a lesson that will make me more successful now, and down the road."

His mom and aunt have encouraged Czerlanis to be the best that he can be and to never give up. Czerlanis will never forget that and will always play for his family, whether that refers to his actual family or his football family.

Czerlanis will always remember what inspired him but he will also always remember a game that will go down in Sequoit history; the Lakes vs Antioch game last year. It was a dog fight with the Eagles, in the end the Sequoits prospered and came home with one miraculous win.

"I will always remember the last 5 minutes or so of the Lakes-Antioch football game last year," Czerlanis said. "I could never forget how we came from behind and stole the game from Lakes with our late touchdown drives to take the lead, and the big defensive stops that keep our lead."

Czerlanis has goals set in mind for this season. One being to win a state championship for Antioch. He continues to work extremely hard to achieve this goal but he knows it won't be easy. But with the help of all the great players on the '19 squad and the great coaching staff, he knows they have a good chance of achieving something that he has dreamed of since he started.

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