EIP Online Tutorials Whether you're new or returning to online learning, our video tutorials will help prepare you for your online class in no time.

New to online learning and want some tips to prepare? Check out the "Getting Ready for Online Learning" video by clicking the link below. This video covers what you need to be tech ready, organization and time management tips, online communication skills, and more.


Let's start with the basics. These video tutorials will show you how to access and navigate your course as well as how to edit your TITANium profile. We also provide a link below to access free Student Software. There, you will be able to download Microsoft Office 365, which includes commonly used programs in our online courses such as Word and PowerPoint.


During your online class, you will be expected to complete a variety of activities. In these tutorials, we'll show you how to download documents, submit (and resubmit) assignments, post to a discussion forum, and more.

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Zoom is an online video conferencing tool used to connect students and instructors for online office hours. During this live meeting, students can interact with instructors directly and ask questions about course material like lectures, assignments, and assessments.

Not every course offers online office hours - please check the course page and syllabus, or contact your instructor to confirm. These tutorials will show you how to enter a Zoom session and demonstrate some basic features of the tool. Then, we'll show you how to setup a headset and webcam.


If you can’t find an answer in our tutorials and need assistance, first determine if your problem is related to the course content or if it is a technical issue. Contact your instructor if your question is related to course content.

If it is a technical question or issue, please contact the EIP Online Support Desk by clicking the button below (or email: EIP-online@fullerton.edu). The Support Desk is open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST.

For after hours and weekend inquiries, please submit a Support Desk Request. Requests submitted after hours will be reviewed on the following business day - excluding holidays. We will reply to most requests within 24 hours.

If immediate assistance is necessary after hours, you may also contact the Student IT Help Desk 24/7 at (657) 278-8888. Click here to visit their website for more options.