Medieval Torture By Kelly stamm

Ordeal by combat

Two parties in dispute had to fight. It was mostly done when one party was accused by the other but there were no witnesses or confessions.

Ordeal by water

One of the ordeal by cold water whereas the other was an ordeal was an ordeal by hot water. In the ordeal by cold water the hands and the fet of the accused were tied together and they were thrown into the water. If they started to floating it means that they were innocent bit if they was sank they were declared guilty.

Manorial courts and trial by jury

Was the lowest court of law during the medieval period and all the crimes apart from serious crimes were dealt by the manorial court. It held multiple times during a year and it was mandatory for all the villagers to attend or else they had to pay a fine.

Types of medieval punishment

The different types of pune ments were awarded for different types of crimes. For theft the punishment was extra work and fine or the hands of the guilty were cut off. Murderers were given the death penalty by hanging or beheading. Flogging was the punishment for people not working hard enough whereas the people accused of cheating and drunkenness were put in the stocks or pillory. The Stocks held people's ankles whereas the pillory held their heads and wrists. The punishment for women’s gossip was the scold’s bridle. The punishment of high treason was very severe as the culprit was hung and cut down while he was still alive. Then he was beheaded and body hacked into four quarters, which were then sent to different cities throughout the realm and were put on public display. The punishment for heresy was banishment if the culprit repented and was burnt at the stake if did not repent. The punishment for witchcraft was strangulation whereas in case of serious offenses witches were also burned at stake.

Ordeal by fire

During the ordeal by fire the accused has to walk a distance of around 9 feet either by holding a red hot iron or over a red hot plough share. After they wheai wounds were bandaged ad they were asked to appear before court after three days.

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