Autopsy Report anna garcia

This is a case on Anna Garcia. She was a 38 year old Hispanic female. Her height is 64 inches and she weight 165 pounds. Around 9:45 Doug Greene made an emergency call to report Anna's death. Every morning at 6:30 Anna walks her dog. On Aug. 15 Doug noticed she didn't walk her dog so he went over to check it out and he found her dead, she was wearing a sweater even though there was a heat wave(of 92 degrees F). He found her on the ground facing down bleeding from her head. There was blood on the corner of the table. The table was on the ground, blood on the floor next to her head and next to her hand. There was also a sample of hair and vomit. On the table behind her there was red wine, syringe and pills. There as also a footprint in the door mat.

The blood splatter was next to the table. The blood splatter was from the height of the table and the table was 74cm.
The blood found in the crime scene was Anna Garcia's blood.
The time of death was at 7 a.m. When they came for her she had been dead for 4 hours.
On the wine glass there was a finger print. The finger print belonged to Alex Garcia. Alex was at Anna's house the night before.
The strand of hair found in the crime scene was Anna Garcia's hair.
The unknown substance in the crime scene was aspirin. Anna may have had a disease, headache or nausea ( vomit ).
Anna had a bruise on her head and elbow only. She had no fractures no scratches / woulds/ bruises. She also had swollen ankles.
This was a accidental death. I think this because Anna was wearing a sweater during a heat wave. Also there was pills and red wine on the table the red wine was from the night before and the pills were from the morning. The vomit happened in the morning and we conclude that it was because of the heat. There was no sign of struggle in her death. This shows that Anna Garcia's death was an accident.


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