Gally Profile "Life is full of fake people, trust no one.

Favorite Song: "Take Care by Drake."

Bio: I'm Gally. I am 15 and very quick to anger. You know that new kid Thomas? Don't mention his name in front of me. I feel like I know him, I had a vision about him. There is just something not right about him. I hate the real world, it's a dark place. I am going to stay in the glade forever. There isn't much to say, just stay out of my way.

So today I went to the gathering. I don't like that Thomas kid one bit. I say he should have a big punishment. He just broke the #1 rule. I never wanted him to be a greenie and now he shouldn't be. He is just a rule breaker now. How can anyone say he shoudn't be punished?

Some people call him a hero. This gathering was the only time I could talk without him interupting. If you ask me Minho was the one who took out the grievers. Thomas probably just stood there and cried.

  • Fighting
  • Yelling
  • Bullying Kids

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