Christianity began as an offshoot of Judaism in 1st century A.D. These two religions connect because they both don't accept Muhammad as their prophet, (but Islam does). Also all three of these religions are Abrahamic religions and say he was the first prophet. Christianity was founded in current day Israel. The religion is centered around it's main profit, Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the son of God as described in the Christian holy book, the Bible. Christianity is the world's most popular religion in the world, with over 2.04 Billion followers world wide. In the new testament, the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was brought into the world to offer redemption to the sinners and to preach the teachings of the lord. He was killed on the cross by the Roman empire, but his spirit rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. Heaven, which is one way of spending your afterlife, is where the good and righteous (like Jesus) ascend after death. And it is the main goal of almost everyone who follows the Christian religion. The opposite, Hell, is intended for the sinners to descend in death. Many followers of this religion go to church and are taught verses or messages from the bible usually from a priest.

The many branches of christianity include

  • Catholic
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Protestant
  • Orthodox
  • Mormon

Christian holidays include Lent, a holiday taking place 40 days before the holiday, Easter, in which a Christian will give a sacrifice. (Ex: Not eating meat on Fridays, No more smoking, etc.) Easter, which falls the first Sunday after the first full moon after march 21, the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ, followed 40 days after comes Pentecost, the coming of the holy spirit. The most known or celebrated holiday is Christmas, Jesus's Birthday. Christmas falls on December 25 and is celebrated with a large feast and gift giving.

Jesus was sent to teach others about the Christian faith and how to be good people. His birth and his resurrection were turned into holidays that are celebrated every year by Christians to remember Jesus.
In the religion of Christianity the bible contains the way Jesus wanted people to act and what they should do with their lives. This is a key characteristic because it is one of the most important objects in the religion and without it how would people know how they should live their lives.
The cross is very important to Christians because it represents that Jesus died for them and the pain and suffering he went trough. Also almost everyone knows what the cross it represents the Christian faith, when you see a cross you think of Christianity.

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