Democracy in Action A Photo Essay by Maddie Rundlett

Protesters beginning to congregate following passage of executive order on immigration.
View of the White House across from the North Lawn.
Protester waving flag across from White House North Lawn.
Protester in Statue of Liberty hat looks on as crowd begins march to the Capitol Building.
Protesters congregating outside Trump International Hotel.
Protester holding "Land of the Free BAN HATRED" sign outside Trump International Hotel.
Protesters marching past the Newseum en route to the Capitol Building.
Protester playing makeshift drum on march to Capitol Building.
Protesters carrying American flags march toward the Capitol Building.
Protesters flooding the streets as they continue route to Capitol Building.
Protesters congregating outside of Capitol Building in response to executive order.
Protesters leaving the Capitol Building, shouting "see you tomorrow!" as they walk by the steps.
Remaining protesters seen from the sidewalk as they continue on to White House.
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Madeline Rundlett

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