Knocklyon Walking Tour By Room 12 (The Best Class Ever!)

Yesterday, our class went on a Walking Tour of Knocklyon, our local area. Our tour guide was Tomás Maher, a local historian.

On the way!

Our first stop was the cross outside St. Colmcille's Church. Oisín Kelly designed this cross - it took him 3 months to put together. Oisín was a famous sculptor and artist who lived in the area. He made a present of the cross to the parish before he died. It is made from bronze and steel.

Oisín Kelly's Cross

Next we made our way down to the entrance to the A-Bridge. The house on the corner here used to be the gate house to Prospect House. It is called Prospect Lodge.

Prospect Lodge

Tomás told us all about the really old tress along the avenue here. There used to be lots more Oak trees like this but they have been cut down over the years. Afterwards, we made our way up the A-Bridge to cross the motorway. Oisín Kelly's house, Prospect House used to be where the motorway lies today. It was knocked down when the motorway was built.

The avenue beside the A-Bridge
Crossing the M50

Following that, we looked at the gardens of Prospect House. There are still some old trees growing there. It is part of the Castlefield estate now.

Can 'Yew' guess what tree this is?

After that we walked down to see Knocklyon Castle. The house is almost 600 years old. The walls are really thick and it has two towers. People still live there today.

Knocklyon Castle

Later, we ventured on to the Ballrothery wier. This wier was used to divert water into Dublin City for hundreds of years using gates and a man-made channel.

Ballrothery Wier
Sluice Gates

After viewing the water course, we walked by the banks of the Dooder, under the M50 in the direction of Cherryfield.

Under the M50
The River Dodder
The River Dodder

Next we visited the stone cross down in Cherryfield. This cross was put up in 1867 to help cure the local cattle of a disease.

We found the cross!
Cherryfield Cross

We walked back towards the school, stopping off for a quick run around Cherryfield. We arrived back in the school just in time for lunchtime. It was a great trip.

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