Prep 2 Week 10


Wishing all Prep 2 Families a safe, happy and holy Easter. It is a shame the last two days of school ended without us all having the opportunity to send Easter blessings. I know the children will be disappointed we didn't get to do the Easter parade and Easter craft, but please reassure them that this will take place on the first day back at school in Term 2. If you have the time to spare please join us in Prep 2 for a morning of craft, singing and parading. After we make our Easter baskets there could even be a special delivery...


In our last week of school, we reflected on Jesus' journey to the cross and spent a lot of time talking about the symbolism of Easter eggs as a sign of new life. Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny and chocolate. When we return to school next term we will celebrate the risen Jesus by decorating beautiful colourful crosses. So, our Easter parade will fit in perfectly to celebrate new life and Jesus' great love and sacrifice for us.

Each colour on the egg represented a special part of Jesus' journey to the cross.
Working hard making our class book

We had a lot of fun last week reading a story about "Big Bad Bunny". We improvised on this and made a class book about "Big Bad Mrs Lennox". Prep 2 were the authors and illustrators. How clever they are at reading and writing. We also continued on with the text, "What Small Rabbit Heard". The squeals and giggles of the children as we rolled, skipped, hopped and climbed like Small Rabbit were priceless. These two texts helped us revise a lot of letters: b, r, w, y, h. The children have also been working on the following high frequency words (magic/sight words): I, in, he, she, said, the, of, so, did. It would be great if you could find these words in texts at home. We played bingo with words, highlighted them in sentences and cut up the words and put not one, but two sentences back together. Did you know we are also learning about 'WOW words'? These are words that extend a child's vocabulary. We act out the words and use them as much as we can in our daily language. Families might also like to do this at home. Instead of your child replying to you with, "Yes", they could now say "I agree". Here are some of the WOW words we focussed on last week: agree, peeked, cautiously, fastened, howled. Maths last week involved a lot of counting through songs with actions. We love singing 'Alice the Camel' as we walk outside the classroom. We also played with coloured water using measuring containers, painted patterns on rabbits and eggs, skipped and bounced balls as we counted, played hopscotch as we jumped through different shapes, cut out large oval easter egg shapes to learn about the oval shape. We have also been spending time working on fine motor skills by cutting, finger painting, rolling play dough, painting with glitter water, tracing difficult patterns and building with a variety of manipulative materials. Prep 2 is a lot of fun, but most importantly we are learning while having fun!

Buddies was the highlight of our week! The Year 6 students presented each Prep 2 child with a handmade Easter card and easter egg!


Please read and write with your child over the holidays. They have made so much progress I am amazed! Some ideas: write a letter to the Easter Bunny, write grocery lists, read symbols and letters as you are driving around or walking around the shops, sing and say the Alphabet, match up knives and forks with place settings at the dinner table, pair up matching socks in the washing, count the pegs, make patterns with pegs, fold the tea towels, cut pictures out of magazines, colour and draw to your heart's content!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter from Mrs Lennox, Miss Mel and Miss Sally

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