The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Alexandra perfetti

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt is about two soon to be preists that have to deliver a note to Sarah Bernhardt forbiding her to perform. One of the soon to be priests, Michaud, is her biggest fan and it kills him that he will have to deliver this message to her. Talbot, the other soon to be, had just switched schools after getting into a fight with an older preist at his other school. The letter has the opposite effect on Sarah Bernhardt and she offers and answer to the letter with a performance on stage.


This is right when I had walked into the theate. They had just scanned my Gator1 and we were about to go in to watch.

When I first entered the auditorium I was quite overwhelmed. It was a decently large room and despite arriving early there were already a fair amount of people. When the lights dimmed and the play was getting ready to start, I got very excited. I love to watch plays and this is one of my favorite parts. Everybody is sitting in anticipation, waiting for the dramatic first scene that lures you in and captivates your attention for the next two hours. I really appreciated that the room was not too large because I felt that the play was more intimate. I was sitting more in the middle and I still did not struggle to see. The role of place in Good Life is that where people sit can greatly affect their perspective of the play. I do believe those sitting in the far back or behind a person who made watching the play difficult would not have an experience that was as enjoyable as mine. This relates back to Good Life because people's experiences in life can also depend on where they're sitting in life. Some people have a completely different perspective on their life because they were at a different level in their life. Placing in life is always relevant whether it be at a play or in life itself.

The social experience

My best friends and I sitting in the theater waiting for the performance to begin.

I went to the play with some of my best friends. We are all currently in this class and so we decided we should all sign up for the same play. Morning of we all got ready and decided to go get brunch together downtown and then walk to the play. I really liked that the play gave us a reason to wake up and spend time together not just during the performance but also throughout the entire day. Seeing the play with my friends made it a lot more enjoyable because we were able to bond over the experience despite not talking. We laughed at the same parts and to this day still make some jokes about the play. Shared experiences make a major impact in the role of the Good Life. No matter how enjoyable something is, it is always better with company. It is nice because whenever you reflect on your life, you remember the people you were with and how it is fun to recall fun things you have done with friends.

The cultural and intellectual experience

Amanda and I sitting waiting for the show to begin.

This performance helped me create a new outlook on older society. In history classes, you always read about poor labor laws, children working for low wages and the mistreatment of these workers. All they want is for their kids to have a better life but the social class they are essentially bound to makes that very difficult for them. Seing it personified made it all the more real for me. These actors made me feel as if these were actually how lower class individuals would feel in this time frame. Although this play was not very applicable to my life, it did make me change the way I thought of born in this era. Life would be very difficult if your parents were not already very successful or born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

The emotional experience

My friends and I after the play on our way out.

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provided an opportunity for katharsis when the soon to be preist, Talbot, had to switch schools. By changing schools he had a clean slate and could leave behind his day of theft and aggression. He had the opportunity to own up to what he did to his peers but instead he used more anger and agression to prove to others that he was still the same angry individual. Often times we are just like thiss individual. We are faced with opportunities to come clean and we brush them aside. There were plenty of times where he could've started over but he chose not to.

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