Mat Christian Thomas Wedding Photographer

The end goal is always to offer the best possible photographs, but to achieve that the photographer must work in total harmony with the couple, their friends and loved ones.

My preferred approach is to work with the couple to really understand their day, carefully plotting out what photographs I need to take and when. I like to work the whole day, usually from 9am (bride getting ready) to 12am (end of the party). A wedding is a wonderful event in two people's lives and each part of the day has it's own unique magic. I like to knit together a story of the day in photographs.

I carry light, silent cameras and position myself attentively to capture all the great moments. I pride myself on being considerate, knowing when to hang back and when to step in. This gives my photographs a deeply personal feel.

I believe a photographer should be able to do everything asked. This is about me using my skills to achieve the couple's vision. I will cover candid shots, ceremony shots, key event shots, posed photos, groupshots and the party.

A photographer has to understand how the couple are together.

I think I capture the party better than anyone.

I try to be as much like a guest as possible so everyone feels comfortable and can let their hair down.

I often use a wide format photography style to capture all the drama on people's faces.

I can be contacted via my website matchristianthomas.com. Whether engaged to be your photographer or not, I am always happy to meet with the couple and talk through their needs and offer advice about the big day.

Good luck and enjoy your big day!

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Mat Christian Thomas

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