Trojan Gazette October 2019

Editors: James Floyd and Patrick Lovell

Fall Festival

By Darren Carwhile

This fall festival we had games, bouncy houses, a cake walk, and raffle sales!

Take it from a fall festival participant named Benjamin, “My favorite part was the inflatable obstacle course.” A vote in Mrs. Collins 5th grade class determines that Ben was not alone to be the only one to love the obstacle course.

All of that time we also could go to the cafeteria to eat dinner, and there was a very cheap price for the dinner as well. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can have a great time at the fall festival. And just in case you didn't make it this year, it won't stop anytime soon, so come on down to next year's fall festival.

NHHS Homecoming Parade

By Katie Wells

Have you ever experienced the North Hall High School Homecoming Parade? Every kid at Mount Vernon Exploratory School and North Hall Middle School goes to watch the parade at their school.

We do this fun event because, as Jr. Trojans, we like to celebrate all of the programs and fun things they do at the North Hall High School. We love to celebrate the pep rally, football game and homecoming court. We also like see the club and special programs that one day we will get to participate in when we become a North Hall Trojan.

When I asked North Hall High School Associate Principal Billy Wells what his favorite part was, he said “My favorite part of the parade was seeing all the support from the schools and community!" He also said that “it is a great tradition and I am glad to be a part of it.” Catherine Wood, a 5th grade student here at MVES, said her favorite part was seeing the homecoming court.

In conclusion, the homecoming parade is a great event . So I encourage you next year view the North Hall High School Homecoming Parade on Mt. Vernon Road or Jim Hood Road.

Red Ribbon Week

By Darby Ward

Many people believe that Red Ribbon Week is just a week to dress up and have fun. Red Ribbon Week is so much more than that. It is all about drug awareness. The campaign was started with a man named Enrique Camarena. He was a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) worker who was killed in 1985. When he told his mother that he was wanting to join the (DEA) “I am only one person,'' he told her. “But I want to make a difference.”

In respect against his long journey against illegal drugs, some of his closest friends and family started to wear red badges.People who were sick of the dangers of drugs and alcohol wanted to show people that drugs are bad and started wearing the red ribbon too.

In 1988, the National Family Partnership (NFP) sponsored the first National Red Ribbon Celebration, ( all schools) to teach young children that drugs are dangerous and that people should not use them.

At MVES we celebrate Red Ribbon Week by having a different theme each day reminding us that drugs are never in style, drugs are tacky, and we can have a bright future when we live drug free. It is a fun week for all and a great way to remind us of this very important life message.

To learn more about Red Ribbon Week, go to redribbonweek.org/about/.

Bus Driver Appreciation Day

By Catherine Wood and Maddie Kubala

Most people don’t realize how important our bus drivers are. If we did not have bus drivers it would be hard to get home. Some kids would be walking on the streets. Moms and dads would have to leave work. Bus drivers play a very important role at school and in our community. To show our appreciation for bus drivers, we have Bus Drivers Appreciation Day during the third week of October. In our opinion, at MVES we have 5 star bus drivers.

We spoke with Katie Wells, a 5th grade student, about how she feels about riding the bus. She said, "I like that you can spend time on the bus with your friends and get to your destination.” We also interviewed some of our awesome bus drivers. Mrs. Kendra, the driver of the blue bus, said that her favorite part of being a being a driver is “Getting to drive a cool bus!” Mrs. Lynn Dickey from the gray bus has been in the school system since 2014. She became a bus driver because she wanted to be involved in education, but in a different way than working in the classroom. Driving the bus was a great way to serve. Mrs. Linda, who has been driving a bus for MVES ever since it opened, said “I love when the kids bring their math to me and I get to help them. Kindergartners like to share their library books with me. ”

Mr. Reynolds, the driver of the orange bus, has the privilege of driving a brand new bus because he has never missed a day of work. What a great example of being a hard worker he is.

Our bus drivers will be joining the Literacy for Hall initiative by posting what they are reading on their dash. Look on your bus for the sign below.


By: Ryleigh Grogan and Ella Kate Butler

STEAM is a mix between STEM and art. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. The leaders of STEAM are Nyssa Green and Emily Nix. Steam is a part of Mt. Vernon Explore Time.

We asked the leaders various questions. Nyssa Green said, “STEAM is basically STEM just with an art element combined (which is what the A is for!) In our explore time STEAM lab we are learning about Binary Code (computer language) and decoding our names and initials. Then we are turning our codes into bracelets!”

2nd and 3rd have just started their Explore Time. Kindergarten and 1st will get their turn by the end of the year. This is a great experience for us all.

MVES News Crew: Behind the Scenes

by Carly Greene and Ella Smith

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