Irish Summer Travel By: HAYLEY CIONFOLO

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes new adventures and opportunities for Knoxville Catholic students. During their travels, they will be making new, meaningful memories while taking a sweet sigh of relief with renewed freedom.

Some students are crossing the state for new experiences. Junior Olivia Escher will be attending the Governor’s Schools for Agriculture Sciences during the month of June, where she will be learning more about veterinary medicine.

“I’ll get to do ultrasounds on pigs and help out in veterinary hospitals,” Escher mentioned excitedly.

Senior Maddie Vanderhoofven will be a little closer to home. At the end of May, she is heading to Lipscomb University in Nashville to return to Volunteer Girls’ State, this time as a counselor.

“I got so much out of my experience last year. If I can be a junior counselor like mine were for me, I think I can make a big difference,” Vanderhoofven said, clearly inspired.

Some adventures are even leading some of the Irish to other parts of the country. Junior Katie Holt will be travelling to and living at Columbia University in New York City for three weeks of an intensive creative-writing program.

“It is one of the best summer writing programs in the country. I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors and improve my writing,” Holt gushed.

Members of the Knoxville Catholic community are journeying even farther still. Several students will be exploring other parts of the world this summer. Senior Alex Carter and her parents are flying to Japan at the end of May to visit the foreign exchange student they hosted when she was in fifth grade.

“Yumei, the foreign exchange student, lives in the heart of Tokyo and will be giving us the grand tour. We’ll be doing lots of site-seeing and shopping, and I am hoping to try all the crazy Kit-Kat flavors they have there,” Carter exclaimed.

Junior Eleanor Mancini will also be travelling far from home, but several familiar faces with me accompanying her. Mancini signed up for the ten-day Spanish-immersion trip to the Galapagos Islands led by Sra. Slough.

“This trip is perfect for me. It combines my love of biology and Spanish. We are visiting the Darwin Research Center and its giant tortoises, as well as going snorkeling and hiking a volcano,” Mancini described cheerfully.

Senior Maggie Zibas will also be following her passion for language during part of her family’s trip to Europe this summer. Over two weeks, she will be exploring France, Austria, and Italy.

“I wanted to visit France because I want to major in it and practice what I have learned so far. We are hiking and exploring in Corsica, and then we are visiting family-friends in Venice and Austria,” Zibas revealed with a smile.

These Knoxville Catholic students and more are not-so-patiently awaiting the last day of school, so they can begin their travels and exciting experiences.


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