Dentists Health care feild

Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients teeth , gums, and related parts of the mouth , they provide advice and instructions on taking care of teeth and gums problems that affect oral health.


1-remove decay and fill cavities.

2-repair cracked or fractured teeth

3-place sealants or whitening agents to teeth

4-administer anesthesia to keep patients from feeling pain during procedures

5-perscribe antibiotics and other medications

6-examin x rays needed to diagnose the problem

Dentistry field is very important occupation which is essential for healthcare development, and I am very interested of oral health and how to treat mouth and gums problems and their affects on the whole body.

Dentists use a variety of equipments like X-ray machines, drills, mouth mirrors, probes, forceps and laser .

Dental equipments

Educational requirements to become a dentist:

Bachelors degree in science courses at least to enter most of dental programs, and admissions for dental school which are very competitive ,training usually takes to 4 years, and must be licensed in the state and a degree from accredited dental school and to pass the written and practical National board dental examination

The median annual wage was 158,310 in 2015 , the lowest was 68,400 .

As as Houston Texas residents it shows that Fort Worth - Arlington , Tx,has the highest concentration of this occupation that have a 1,430 employments with an hourly wage of 84, 11 $ and 174,940 annual wage.

As a similar occupations are dental hygienists , optometrists, podiatrists.

This career could be applied to me as being an accurate person who likes science and healthcare field, but I rather be a medical diagnostic sonographer.

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