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Chile holds many of the great wonders of the world and has one of the most beautiful ecosystems you will ever see. One reason many of the Native Chileans left the country of Chile during the mid-1970's due to a result of political and economic hardships. This does not mean that Chile is not a good place to visit.

Chile is a large narrow strip situated in southwest South America. Chile is located in between the Andes Moutains and the Pacific Ocean. Chile is a very mountainous region. Spanish and many sub-versions of spanish that the natives speak.

The Stone Heads on Easter Island

In Chile you will need to use the Chilean peso which converts to 661.445 from a US American dollar.

The native people of Chile make up about 10% of the population. 17.95 million people live in chile.

Andes Mountains

Chile is where you can find the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert. Earthquakes happen often in Chile due to the shifting of the Andes Moutainds. In 2011 a landslide was cause by an earthquake which all made 5 volcanos become active.

Chile es grande. Chile es largo. Chile es en suroeste américa del sur. Chile is 291,933 millas cuadradas. Santiago es Chiles capital. Chile es por el océano pacifico. Es también por las montañas andinas.

Chile is known for their lots of diverse folkstyle songs. Many different types of songs can form the immigrant ancestors from long ago. Hay muchos tipos diferentes de música en Chile hoy. La musica popular en chile llegó en sus tiempos de depresión.


Chilean foods are often passed down from generation to generation. Chilean foods often have a dough or are fried. Chileans usually eat 4 meals a day with every meal being cooked the same way as the day before. La comida de cocina en un horno de ladrillo al aire libre para la cena. Usualmente comen cuatro comidas un día.

Cazuela (common lunch meal)

Religion is a big part of the Chilean social status. While most Chileans are Roman Catholics, there are still native tribes that inhabit their own religion. The Atacameño people are an indigenous tribe believe in smoking "Rapé" to bring their people closer to the gods. Estas celebraciones significan mucho para el pueblo chileno. Sin ellos, perderian mucha cultura.

llama meat is a common food for the Atacameños

The Atacameños do a lot of their own rituals. They also make their own music for their ceremonies.

The Indigenous New Year is a big celebration that happens in Chile.

Indigenous New Year

A great activity to do while you are in Chile is visit Easter Island. While you are there ou will be able to see the big stone heads that were carved by the ancient Chileans. Las cabezas de piedra de la isla de pascua tienen más de mil años de antigüedad. Se tallaron en roca volcánica.

Stone Heads

During the winter you could go skiing in the Portillo. The Andes Mountains get a lot of snow during the winter which makes this area a prime spot for skiing and snowboarding. El pico de elevación en Portillo es de unos 11.000. La nieve cae pesadamente encendido a esta ladera de la montaña que en vuelta hace los esquiadores y los snowboarders van muy rápidamente.

Portillo Ski Resort

Another amazing place to go in Chile is the Atacama Desert. It has been recorded as the driest place on earth. Although it would be cool to see, you can't stay there very long due to the dryness. El desire to de atacama ocupa un área de más de 600 millas. Sólo obtiene 1 milímetro de lluvia al año.

Atacama Desert

Chile is known for there rich art of sculpting. From the Stone Heads down to little scultupres the Native Chileans have been sculpting for thousands of years. At Santiagos Scultpure Park, you can see some of the magnify sculptures. Estas esculturas son muy antiguas. Fueron hechos por los los Chilenos antiguos.


You could also visit a winery and see where the best wine in Chile comes from. Chile has a spectacular wine collection. Grapes are easy to grow due to the great temperature and rain there. Los Chilenos hacon todos los diferentes tipos de vino. Chile envía vino por todo el país.


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