Do or Die The choice of what to do with a snake

Some complaining of the God's people: the Israelites have had an argument with their leader Moses. The people have been complaining about their food and water and demand more. God has been doing something about and punishing them with deadly, fiery snakes. All hope seems lost, however their is a cure...

The cure for these hopeless Israelite's came when they repented for what they had done. God showed mercy and told Moses to build a bronze snake. Anyone who got bitten would be healed. But this miracle maker is very to believe and some Israelites refuse to believe in a snake that isn't even a snake. Moses has been heard saying: "Just look at the bronze snake, believe that God can see you, and you will be healed!" This is a unbalanced choice to the people of God and their chance for being alive is being stopped by their choice of disbelief. Some doubts are just too high.

In all this argument we the Israelites were separated, doing or dying. This choice has been going on for a long time and the argument still hasn't finished. Peter, a priest said, "How can a snake heal us from a snake!" "The snake isn't even real!" "I think my arm will heal soon by myself."

But there have been cases that some Israelites have been healed. James a little boy about 7 or 8 years old said, "I got bitten by a snake in the leg! It hurt a lot but my mom told me to look at the snake and believe in God so I did. Then I was healed really fast!"


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